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  • the New way to 'Tattoo'.

  • Lift up your style, instantly.

the New way to 'Tattoo'.

Lift up your style, instantly. SHOP NOW

How to wear

Just Peel, Place, and Press.

Done in just 10 seconds, with realistic matte-finish. 

Step 1

Carefully peel the thin protective film

Step 2

Place the tattoo face down on your skin

Step 3

Pat down all corners of the tattoo for 10 seconds 

Step 4

Starting at one of the corners, carefully peel off the tattoo film from your skin

What people are saying about us

"Absolutely LOVE that these tattoos are waterless. It's so easy to throw them in my bag and apply them literally anywhere I go without hassle"

Helen Mak, Toronto Canada

"I've tried other water temp tattoos but they always tugged at my skin and had an unrealistic gloss to them. These ones actually look real even next to my real tat"

Mikie Jae, Seoul South Korea

"Received these as a gift. Instant Tattoo is something I never knew I needed. I love changing up my look regularly and these tats help me do that"

Yas Momeni, New Market Canada